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We started from small dream and it become a revolution in ERP industry. First time in Indian we introduced cloud SAAS (software as a service) based system to common man in his retail business. Vsofttech always into technology and we stay here to serve nation and serve our common people with our latest technology. Our revolutionary ERP system will server person to person with its Artificial intelligence. So just we here we mean not only Vsofttech its all about our customers as well. We are not just ERP provider we are the one who create golden path of technology to our customer especially small-scale business and large-scale business.

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VSOFTTECH means versatility of software technology.

Yes, we mean it. Our system will work as operating system to your business, we automate your complex area like accounts, manufacturing and customer relationship into a simple and reliable one. So we deliver the next generation technology to your business, you are not buying just a ERP we providing you a robotic operating system to your business.


Best IT solution, Digital marketing and consulting solution Since 2017.

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Our ERP applications isolated many barriers and obstacles, we made GST and taxation into a easy way and business into better way. We are the gateway of success for all kind of businesses.


Project Completed


Satisfied Clients


Expert R&D Teams


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We Are Open Our Office

Here we stated as small dream and with small investment company name was utparasolutions.pvt.ltd. we given our blood and flush to build a product call ‘US-EBILLER’. Starting was so hard and product is worked but with lot of issue and bugs. Yes web based system started working in small shops and small industries and this made us really big.


Company Name Changed

Utparasolutions changed its shape to Vsofttech India. pvt.ltd. and that was not only shaping we started shaping our R&D team as well entire team members. Our product become a solution for all kind business in retail and wholesale business.


We Are Success And Win

Vsofttech become industry leader and we become master in retail and other kind of small industry we proudly increased our graph from 1 to 1400 customers all over India. We diversified our service into infrastructure and other industry with cloud base ERP system. We spread ERP software to finance industry, Reasturant management, Laundry Management and CRM.
Our security system like CCTV and infrastructure service increased our customer strength with large numbers.


Creating Various Products

We are moving with various products which servicing all kind of big and small industry including production manufacturing automation. We are started our service from national level into international level include Gulf regions.


Client Say About Us

Our assets are our customers, as a company we proudly introducing our clients who comment about our service given to them.

Owner of power tools (retail & wholesale Business)

We are using there CCTV and GST billing software. I have 4 shops across kerala and Tamilnadu Vsofttech usebiller system centralized my 4 shops accounts into on dashboard and I am able control my business from my home itself.

Star kennels, Managing Director

We are using their software called usebiller and i am controlling my Business from Gujarat through Mobile and my entity is located in Kerala. There cloud backup system made my life easier as many time my hardware got crashed but from my cloud backup, they restored the same in a minute.

Managing Director Gayathri RiceMill

We used their CCTV systems and they done in spectacular way. Our buildings are 25 to 30 feet Height but they designed and installed in that way which need some smart work also. They finished the project on time with lowest price.

Manging Director Hotel Aditya

We taken their Reasturant management system which very useful especially their Voice message to kitchen when we enter a KOT to kitchen along with print. That technology really helped us to notice all the chef’s. Normally we miss the KOT print and our customers start complaint about weightage, so Vsofttech given a great solution my kot with voice message to kitchen and now we are not missing any KOT’s and we are happy.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our team member is back born and brain of our company. So we are the one with a good R&D team and product designer. Our management make our foundation so powerful. So as our clients as well.


Managing Director

Dhanesh K

Marketing Director

Ajith A

Sales Engineer

Manesh M

Digital Marketing Strategist